Standards Home Health

Do You Qualify?

Your health is our highest priority.

You may need home health care if you are homebound and are experiencing any of the following situations:

  • Require complex home treatments like wound care, enteral feedings, etc.
  • There is a need for nursing, home health aide, social services or rehabilitation by a physical, occupational, or speech therapist.
  • You have difficulty following your physician’s recommended treatment at home
  • Have a need for further instruction on medications, diet, treatments, etc.
  • Have a history of multiple hospital admissions and/or unstable medical history
  • You have been “readmitted” for a diagnosis treated by hospitalization in the previous three months
  • You were getting along “OK” before you went to the hospital but now are significantly less independent
  • Have a potentially life threatening, severely incapacitating, or terminal diagnosis
  • Have received a variety of skilled nursing and ancillary services up to the date of hospital discharge
  • Have recently been diagnosed with these
  • Have new or adjusted medications
  • Experienced a recent decline in functional status
  • You require medical evaluation and observation
  • You have unstable problems such as blood pressure, blood sugars, pain control, etc.
  • Are returning home from a stay at a rehab, skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility and need continued care
  • Are a resident at an assisted living, retirement or continuing care facility and have skilled care needs

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